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oh my god Emma

*crying massive buckets of mommy feels*

I needed this today. :)

I’m imagining

Since a three-dimensional object casts a two-dimensional shadow, we should be able to imagine the unknown four-dimensional object whose shadow we are.
Marcel Duchamp (via hnnhmcgrth)
…we’re only here briefly. And while I’m here, I wanna allow myself joy.
Her (2013)
Photograph by Arcade Fire from the album: Her


literally all arcade fire does is fill up my heart to the point where i have to worry about it exploding


when my mom took care of babies my favorite story is about this toddler named eli who took a while to talk and everyone was concerned about it but one day my dad was like “eli, can you say ‘car’?” and he looks at my dad and goes “yes, i can. why do you ask?”